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AI offers superior capabilities for modern drug discovery, precision medicine, and biotech data analysis. Thanks to AI, pharma companies are speeding up drug discovery projects; diagnosing and treating patients is becoming more effective; precision instrument manufacturers are automating laboratory equipment data analysis.
AI-assisted drug discovery
AI-assisted drug discovery ranges from the design of molecules with desired biological activity to pharmacogenomics and other kinds of pharmacological profiling. This group also includes clinical trial group selection, projecting of the trial's outcome, and drug repurposing
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Precision medicine
Modern health interventions need to be tailored to unique genetic, biochemical, physiological, exposure and behavioral features individuals possess. Precision medicine combines phenotypic, clinical, genomics, and proteomics data analysis for truly personalized disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention
Biotech data analysis
AI/ML proficiency combined with PhD-level domain knowledge allows us to tackle complex biotech data analysis tasks, such as bioassay, spectrometry, cytometry, and electrophysiology data analysis; microscopic image recognition; automatic maintenance of optimal conditions in the bioreactor for culture growth, and target biomolecule yield maximization
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$150 bln a year

according to the recent predicions AI will generate a value of $150 billiion a year by the 2026 in medicine and pharma

AI tools can speed up a drug discovery by a decade since traditional development takes 12 to 14 years.
$1.4 bln

it is expected that AI only in drug discovery will attain a global value of $1.4 bln by 2024 what is a 40.8% CAGR
99.(9)% drop

The cost of deciphering the human genome has dropped from $3 billion in 2001 to about $1,000 today
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