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Energy, Manufacturing & Mining
Imbalanced power production and consumption, downtime due to unexpected device failure are the major issues of the renewable energy sector. AI can forecast energy demand, optimize power grid, predict device malfunctions, and schedule maintenance. AI can also improve the planning, operation, and control of power systems, thus, cutting energy waste, lowering energy costs, facilitating and accelerating the use of clean renewable energy sources in power grids worldwide.
For Oil & Gas, Mining - predictive maintenance, drilling, information from seismic vibrations, thermal gradients, strata permeability, pressure differentials, and other geophysics data analysis
Fault prediction
Predict the time-to-failure of equipment, reduce unscheduled downtime, and prevent costly asset failures by optimizing maintenance scheduling and efficiency
Fault detection
Drones detect power grid, solar panels and windmill fractures from infrared camera images
Energy output and demand forecasting
Predict how much renewable energy will be produced and by estimating the future demand binded to the geography, distribute the energy in an efficient way.
Geophysics data analysis
Corrosion detection and other automatic quality inspection solutions Computer Vision applications can relieve people from routine work, be more accurate, and detect corrosion where the human eye cannot. Well-log and seismic analysis is a PhD-level task
Manufacturing intelligence
One of the crucial expenses to the production line owner is downtime caused by equipment outages. AI algorithms can predict device malfunctions and schedule maintenance automatically. Besides predictive maintenance, AI can offer real-time quality control, automatically keeping released products faultless and preserving compliance to industry standards and regulations.
Warehouse management intelligence
Warehouses, docks, oil rig pipe systems and other supply chain elements are typically managed by humans manually or semi-automatically. People easily get tired of routine tasks and make mistakes while making decisions and entering the data to databases. Human workers have low speed of information processing and decision making. The need to keep staff for these tasks may be an important cost category for the company. AI can track inventory items balance, location, and state automatically and in real-time to optimize company logistics.
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