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AI assists doctors, patients, insurers, and overseers to reach better decisions, optimize innovations, and improve research and clinical trial efficiency
Insurance optimization
Optimize claim management by decreasing claims denial rates, increasing reimbursement, and reducing human errors through automated damage evaluation, insurance proposal analytics, and augmented loss analysis
Conversational interfaces
Engage patients and reduce workload for physicians by checking symptoms, answering health inquiries, and matching patients with relevant medical information and healthcare providers using smart voice assistants
Medical imaging and ECG
Automate medical imaging and ECG inspection and reduce the number of human errors by using AI for better disease diagnostics
Patient treatment optimization
Optimize patient treatment via predictive care, optimization of individual drug formulations, and dosing
Clinical data analytics
Advanced clinical data analytics helps for high-risk patient group identification; provides a deep understanding of medical conditions and factors that led to the conditions; prediction of clinical outcomes, and finding other medical data insights
$6.6 bln value

AI associated healthcare market is reaching $6.6 bilion value in 2021 what is a huge technology growth for such a short period
3 doctors

Avarage in 33 countries there are only 3.0 doctors for every 1000 people
$150 bln savings

Combined clinical health AI applications can potentially create $150 billion in annual savings for the US healthcare by 2026

43.4% of Americans aged 19–64 were inadequately insured in the first half of 2020
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