Relevant projects

Pharma and biotech industries report a high demand for AI technologies.

AI/ML offers superior drug discovery, precision medicine, and biotech data analysis capabilities. Thanks to AI, pharma companies are speeding up drug discovery projects. Precision medicine providers are diagnosing and treating patients more effectively. Precision instrument manufacturers are automating laboratory equipment data analysis.

AI-assisted drug discovery

AI-assisted drug discovery ranges from the design of molecules with desired biological activity to pharmacogenomics profiling. It includes selecting clinical trial groups, projecting a trial outcome, and drug repurposing. 

Precision medicine

Modern health interventions need to be tailored to individuals’ unique genetic, biochemical, and behavioral features. Precision medicine combines phenotypic, clinical, genomics, and proteomics data analysis for truly personalized disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. 

Biotech data analysis

We offer AI/ML and statistical math proficiency combined with PhD-level domain knowledge. This combination allows us to tackle such complex tasks as bioassay, spectrometry, cytometry, electrophysiology data analysis; microscopic images recognition; automatic maintenance of optimal conditions in the bioreactor for culture growth and many other industry-specific objectives.

$5.4B Market Size

AI in the Biosciences market is estimated to be worth USD 5,402.1 million by 2026, registering a CAGR of 29.13%