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  • Alex Gurbych, PhD

    Chief Solutions Architect

  • Ivan Izonin,
    PhD, Assoc. Prof.

    Scientific Advisor,
    Artificial Intelligence

  • Illia Petrov, PhD

    Director of Business Development,

  • Dmytro Krasnienkov, PhD

    Principal Scientist,

  • Carl Kaub, Ph.D.

    Director of Business Development, USA

  • Natalya Shakhovska,
    DrSci, Prof.

    Chief Scientific Officer

  • Alexander Kap

    Director of Business Development,

  • Serhiy Protsenko,
    DrSci, Prof.

    Principal Data Scientist

Why Blackthorn AI?

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    Created by AI engineers and scientists passionate about their craft.

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    Certified developers (AWS, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, etc. certificates), with 10+ years of industry experience, top kagglers

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    Flat company structure with as few managers as possible allows us to move fast, saving time and efforts on multi-level approvals, information transfers, coordination with coordinators… you know it.

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    We are not another outsourcing company selling developers’ time for money. We rather strive to be your partner and evaluate our contribution based on value created for your business.


  • Machine Learning

    Machine learning software can deal with exceptionally complex problems of clustering, classification and regression.

  • Deep Learning

    Deep neural networks outperform traditional machine learning when it comes to images, video and language recognition tasks.

  • Computer Vision

    Deep Learning algorithms that afford top-notch detecting, classifying and segmenting objects from image and video data.

  • NLP

    A set of language technologies, from relationships and sentiment analysis to automatic summarization and translation.

About Us

Solution-oriented contribution

We are not trying to sell you hours, people, or empty promises without any obligations as many outsourcers/consultants may do. We offer solutions, end-to-end project management, and responsibility for the results expressed in measurable baseline metrics guarantees.

Long-term partnership

You are interested in a reliable ally for long-standing cooperation, so are we. Therefore, everyone on the team spares no effort to deliver results and maintain mutually beneficial working relationships.

Leadership and motivation was founded and is led by machine learning architects and AI scientists proud of their skills. We still challenge ourselves in terms of optimal neural net architecture, performance speed, and the largest ROC-AUC achieved.

Proven project management

We’ve seen many bright AI ideas failing. We’ve seen many bright AI ideas succeeding and changing the industries. We know where the difference lies and we are ready to share this experience with you.

Top AI engineers

We offer only Senior+ AI software developers. Most of them have 10+ years of industry experience, MSc or Ph.D. degrees, certified by AWS, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and other world-known institutions.


  1. We don’t know for sure if the Terminators conquer the Earth, but today AI integration lets businesses become more effective and provide win-win solutions to clients' pain points. With artificial intelligence software development companies get a lucrative opportunity to optimize and automate their processes and make data-driven decisions.

  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to machine programming aimed to simulate human intelligence and actions. There is no AI replicating intelligent humans entirely for now, but there are a number of technologies that mimic particular human-like abilities, such as to learn, to see, to hear, to make decisions, etc. AI developers implement them in software and it enables businesses to make new services or to improve existing ones.

  3. Artificial intelligence algorithms process tons of data and learn to handle tasks using patterns and dependencies of features. The artificial intelligence service providers let companies and individuals use AI for multiple purposes.

  4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad set of technologies united under the human-likeness criteria. In other words, AI is something that mimics human intelligence and/or skills.

    Machine Learning (ML) is often represented as a subset of AI and unites mathematical models capable of learning using data without being explicitly programmed. The core word here is “Learning”. In this context, it means that some parameters are fitted according to criteria during a process of mathematical optimization using a set of samples.

    Data Science (DS) intersects with AI and ML in some aspects, but, in general, it is a broader category. It might have nothing to do with learning and includes statistics, sampling, software deployment, integration, preprocessing, and visualization of the data. “Data Science” means that there is a software working, it is deployed somewhere and has an interface.

    Nonetheless, Artificial Intelligence developers, Machine Learning Engineers, and Data Scientists often do similar things, only naming is different.

  5. Aim for the reliable and professional. Keep in mind that you opt for an AI software development company and a trusted partner using effective, proven tools. AI development company has to hold solid data science expertise and demonstrate a list of successful projects.

  6. Artificial intelligence development services skyrocket companies' market competitiveness, extend offers and bring existing services to a new level. As a result, the profitability of the company increases. Budget leaks on ineffective tools and manual labor are cut down. And… everybody is leveraging AI services, are you?