Engagement models in software development

Businesses can use different engagement models to work with blacktorn.ai. These models determine the level of involvement, risk, and responsibility between the client and the provider. We offer time & materials, a dedicated team, and fixed-price engagement models.

How to choose the right engagement model?

Choosing the suitable engagement model depends on the project's size, complexity, and objectives. Businesses should carefully evaluate their options and select a model that fits their needs and budget.

Fixed Price Time & Materials Dedicated Team
Complexity low medium, high medium, high
Team size small, medium small, medium large
Budget well-defined and fixed for the project duration flexible well-defined but flexible
Requirements clearly outlined, documented, and remain unchanged throughout the project duration can be updated at any time briefly outlined before the project start; can be updated once a week
Project timeline short-term long-term long-term
Management fully supplied by blackthorn.ai depends on the team composition partially supplied by blackthorn.ai

Importance of regular communication

Regular communication is a critical aspect of managed software development. By maintaining an open dialogue between the client and the development team, everyone can stay on the same page and ensure the project stays on track. Effective communication also helps identify and resolve issues early on, saving time and money in the long run. Establishing clear communication channels and setting expectations for how often updates will be provided is important.


Choosing an appropriate engagement model matching the desired level of involvement, risk, and responsibility between the client and the provider is vital for seamless collaboration and successful goal achievement. Effective communication between the client and the development team ensures smooth progress throughout the project.